Y ¿si llueve en la boda?

However there is very little we can do about it! … as you can see, this spring has not only come with rain but also with hail, as we played at the wedding on Saturday, April 16, where I extracted these photos.

But hey, bad weather, good ideas and if you marry outdoors in these rarely rainy times, I recommend you expand 1 If you hire a tent, not only for your guests, but to cover the accesses to the restrooms, parking, kitchen and steps of waiters – if you do not want it to rain on your food –

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In the calculation of square meters necessary to cover your event, be generous, most suppliers calculate the fair amount of carp, without noticing that when it rains it is windy and even with carp can get the water, also make sure they are tents with ” walls “, so that the waiters lower them at the time of the heavy rain … lowering the walls is a last measure, because once down you can not raise them again.

Somehow, though, the offering process, when ushers pass baskets down the rows and 106 Bible Scriptures About Giving drop in checks or cash, has remained unchanged since the 19th century.

Do not forget to also ask the Valet Parking service to have enough large umbrellas so that your guests do not get wet when entering or leaving your reception.


Contemplate with your caterer any hot drink for your entire event such as American coffee or tea … they are quite cheap and seem to be enough to counteract the cold of the rain.

I hope you get these tips and that the weather does not take you by surprise …

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  1. Buenos tips, gracias…
    Me paso este domingo una boda al aire libre en la playa, la novia por presupuesto no quiso contratar carpas y la ceremonia tuvo que trasladarse dentro de la hostería porque no paraba de llover, la mesa de dulce si tenia cubierta pero por la brisa todo se mojo y por la humedad los bocaditos se hicieron melosos y las moscas nos cargaban encima

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